* indicates equal contribution

Fairness of Exposure in Stochastic Bandits
Lequn Wang, Yiwei Bai, Wen Sun, Thorsten Joachims
In Submission, 2021

Fairness and Diversity for Rankings in Two-Sided Markets
Lequn Wang, Thorsten Joachims
In Submission, 2020

Batch Learning from Bandit Feedback through Bias Corrected Reward Imputation
Lequn Wang, Yiwei Bai, Arjun Bhalla, Thorsten Joachims
ICML Workshop on Real-World Sequential Decision Making, 2019

CAB: Continuous Adaptive Blending Estimator for Policy Evaluation and Learning
Yi Su*, Lequn Wang*, Michele Santacatterina, Thorsten Joachims
International Conference on Machine Learing (ICML), 2019

Resource Aware Person Re-identification across Multiple Resolutions
Yan Wang*, Lequn Wang*, Yurong You*, Xu Zou, Vincent Chen, Serena Li, Gao Huang, Bharath Hariharan and Kilian Weinberger
IEEE Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition (CVPR), 2018 [codes]